Here are the basics of the repair process at the Anderson Body Shop so that you get an idea of what happens when your vehicle is here for repair.

1: Estimate

Before any work is done, our Estimator will evaluate the condition of your vehicle. We will then give you and/or your insurance company a complete written estimate for repairs. Once we have approval from you and/or your insurance company we will order any parts needed and begin the repair process. 

2: Vehicle

The affected area of your vehicle will be disassembled and a step-by-step process of repair will be laid out by the body team leaders. Occasionally, hidden damage will be found at this point in the process. If anything not initially noted in the original estimate is found, you and your insurance company will be notified.  

3: Body Work

Structural body components are repaired during this step. Structural repairs include: dent removal, installation of new body panels, priming, sanding, application of sealing and corrosion protection, etc. Any affected areas will be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for any necessary painting. 

4: Paint

Anderson has three Paint Booths that meet or exceed all EPA requirements. Our painters are highly trained and use the latest technology to help restore your vehicle to like-new condition. The vehicle will be washed and chemically cleaned, and then prepped, primed, sanded and sealed as needed. The vehicle will then begin the Anderson Body Shop painting process. 

5: Final Re-Assembly

Any remaining parts are installed now after painting is complete. These items include trim pieces, windows, interior components, etc. 

6: Quality Control & Final Delivery

Once all repairs are complete, your vehicle will be cleaned and inspected to verify all repair work has been performed per the estimate and that it meets our quality standards. 

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